How cluster vegan sweets help you lose weight

Are you following a vegan diet and crave eating something sweet?  If the answer is yes, then cluster vegan sweets can be the type of desserts suitable for your craving and dieting lifestyle. Cluster desserts are very unique in the way that they are prepared and baked.

This article is going to be about cluster vegan desserts, their benefits, whether they contain high or low calories, and Guilt Free’s delicious vegan desserts. 

Cluster vegan sweets

Cluster vegan sweets are a type of dessert that are made from healthy vegan alternatives in its ingredients that contain fewer calories than the normal highly packed cluster vegan sweets with calories.  

In addition, cluster vegan sweets taste really delicious where they follow the vegan diet standards while not compromising taste. So, you can still enjoy the sweet taste of cluster vegan desserts that are mouthwatering and flavorful with rich ingredients that you won’t be able to resist.

If you are also looking for healthy desserts that can give you energy, the cluster vegan sweets can keep you energized through it’s healthy ingredients which are packed with nutrients and minerals that will make you feel energized when you feel tired and want to eat something sweet and healthy.

You can enjoy this type of vegan sweets with the company of your family, friends, work colleagues, and acquaintances especially those who are following a vegan diet or even those who don’t necessarily follow a vegan diet.

It’s still a delicious healthy dessert that anyone can enjoy whenever they are craving something sweet and healthy that also tastes delicious making you feel energized and happy. 

Benefits of cluster vegan sweets

In general, all vegan desserts are made from ingredients that are rich in nutrients and minerals. Cluster vegan sweets follow these standards as well in their ingredients where they contain minerals and vitamins that are beneficial for your body’s health.


This type of vegan desserts contain vitamins based on the ingredients that they are made from where they can include granola which is made up of dried fruits. 

Dried fruits are rich in vitamins such as calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus which can improve your body’s health. 


Another benefit of cluster vegan desserts is that they are full of fiber found in these fruits. Through consuming fiber, you get a lot of benefits where it helps with weight loss, lower cholesterol levels, and lower the chances of developing heart diseases.


There are also some of these vegan desserts which are made from peanut butter. Peanut butter contains carbohydrates which help with making desserts. 

Carbohydrates are necessary for your diet and peanut butter contains a really low amount of it which will benefit your body’s health. Carbohydrates also give you energy when eaten in moderation. 


Some cluster vegan desserts are made from dark chocolate. Because they are made from dark chocolate, these vegan desserts contain antioxidants. Antioxidants benefit your body greatly where they can protect your body from damage and slow aging.


Other cluster vegan desserts may contain almonds, peanuts, pistachios which contain healthy fats that lower blood pressure, lower the risk of heart disease, boost moderation, and lower cholesterol levels. 

Therefore, these fats are beneficial to your body’s health especially if they are consumed in moderation so their effect doesn’t backfire. Because when they are consumed excessively they can cause your cholesterol levels to rise and can cause diseases such as heart disease.

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Do cluster vegan sweets contain less calories

Vegan desserts can be considered healthy depending on how they were made. Because they can be made from ingredients that make them not healthy at all. 

Therefore, they need to contain healthy ingredients such as fruits and be made from natural ingredients that won’t harm your body’s health. 

Any vegan dessert such as cluster vegan sweets need to not contain processed ingredients such as refined sugars. 

So, when cluster vegan desserts are made from fruits, nuts, and seeds, they will contain vitamins and minerals that contain harmful fats and will contain beneficial nutrients and minerals.

It’s also important to eat cluster vegan desserts in moderation so that you don’t gain weight from eating too much.

Guilt Free store

Guilt Free store is one of the top dessert stores in Saudi Arabia. We offer a variety of different desserts suitable for keto, gluten free, and vegan diets. These varieties can suit anyone who is following these diets and want to stay committed to their diet while not sabotaging their efforts.

Our vegan desserts use top quality ingredients that don’t hinder your dieting or sabotage it. We also follow the vegan diet standards when creating our desserts such as the cluster vegan desserts. 

Our cluster vegan desserts come in a variety of flavors that are made through following nutrition experts guidelines so that we can create these delicious sweets and you can enjoy eating them.  

Here are our top 2 vegan cluster sweets from Guilt Free:

1.) Orange flavored cluster

The orange flavored cluster is very delicious with its orange flavor where it is made from healthy ingredients and low amounts of sugar.

It also contains low amounts of only 30 calories, fats, sugars, and carbohydrates making it a healthier alternative than the normally made cluster desserts.

Packed with protein and fiber which makes it highly beneficial for your health.  

vegan sweets

Orange flavored cluster

2.) Cluster salted caramel desserts

With its unique salted caramel taste, this type of vegan sweets is truly one of its kind. The salted caramel desserts are low in calories with only 30 calories.

It also contains a low amount of carbohydrates, sugar, and fats which makes it suitable for a vegan diet and won’t cause you to gain weight when eaten in moderation.

You can enjoy these sweet desserts with your family members and friends where they will love it along with your favorite drinks.

Vegan sweets

Cluster salted caramel desserts

In conclusion, cluster vegan sweets are a type of vegan desserts that are made from natural ingredients making them healthier alternatives than eating high calorie packed desserts. You can enjoy these desserts anytime but keep in mind that you need to eat them in moderation.    







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