The ultimate guide to the vegan diet

There are many different  diets that you can follow to reach your goals whether it is to lose weight, stay healthy, or maintain your weight. One of these diets is the vegan diet which is a very special type of diet with many people adapting it because of the many benefits.

This article is going to be about defining the vegan diet, types of food to eat in a vegan diet, benefits of this diet, ways to start a vegan diet, and guilt free healthy vegan desserts that will help you in many ways.

What is the vegan diet?

The vegan diet is a diet that is plant based where those who follow this type of diet don’t eat any type of products that come from animals such as eggs and dairy. 

People who are on a vegan diet believe in this type of diet due to ethical and health reasons where they don’t believe that animals should be eaten and see the many health benefits from following a vegan diet.

Types of food to eat

  • Legumes:  Legumes are plants such as lentils, peas, chickpeas, beans, soybeans, and peanuts. Being rich in fiber and protein, these types of plants are highly useful and beneficial to your vegan diet because they will help maintain your body’s health.
  • Fruits: There are many fruits that you can eat during your vegan diet such as apples, pears, citrus fruits, and berries which can help you contribute to your vegan diet.
  • Nuts and seeds:  Being rich in many minerals such as zinc, iron, and vitamins, you can eat nuts and seeds as part of your snacks.
  • Grains: When following a vegan diet, you can also eat grains such as rice, pasta, bread which are high energy foods that contain high levels of protein.

Benefits of vegan diet   

Rich in nutrients

A vegan diet is rich in nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, folate, and vitamins A, C, and E which will provide your body with health benefits that will help maintain your body.

Lose excessive weight 

There has been a study conducted in 2013 where a low fat vegan diet led to weight loss compared to meat based diet. Therefore, a vegan diet can help you lose weight very easily because it is low in calorie rich foods such as cheese, meat, and butter.

Maintain your health  

A vegan diet has also been shown to help maintain your health where it lowers your chance of getting heart problems and decrease the possibility of becoming obese.

How to start following a vegan diet

To start a vegan diet, you will need to follow certain guidelines that can help you to successfully transition into the vegan lifestyle easily. So, to start a vegan diet, you will need to:

1.) Plan and eat more plant-based food

At the beginning, it will be hard to transition completely into a vegan diet, so you will need to plan and add more plant based foods to your normal diet which will help you to get used to eating this type of food.

You can begin by eating more vegetables and eating fruits everyday helping you with your transition to a vegan lifestyle.

2.) Learn to cook vegan recipes 

You can benefit greatly from cooking your own vegan recipes where you can search the internet to find vegan food recipes that are best suitable for you. You can also buy more herbs and spices to add to your recipes that will help you transition into a vegan diet.

3.) Slowly cut out animal products

You can also start a vegan diet by cutting down animal products such as meats and eggs from your diet gradually. 

Don’t rush into cutting all animal products from your diet completely all at once rather do so slowly and gradually. This usually takes weeks until you completely cut all animal based food.   

4.) Look for vegan meat alternatives

If you miss the taste of the animal based food, you can search and find other vegan food alternatives that are similar to the taste of animal based food. 

Today, there are many different vegan food brands that offer foods that are similar to the taste of animal based foods which are delicious and light.

Guilt Free store

Guilt Free is an online desserts store that specializes in creating low calorie desserts that will give you energy, help you lose weight, and give you high nutrition value to maintain your health.

We know the importance of following and maintaining your vegan diet so we developed desserts suitable for this diet through guidelines from our nutrition experts that will guarantee you satisfactory results, maintain your weight, and follow the standards of a vegan diet.

 We provide you with the top quality desserts such as:

1.) Orange flavored cluster

The orange flavored cluster dessert is a delicious dessert that is one of its kind. It has very low calories and is tasty where it is made with the top quality ingredients following nutrition experts guidelines. 

Having low amounts of sugar and fats, it suits those who follow a vegan diet. The orange flavored cluster dessert also contains fiber and protein which is highly beneficial to your body. 

Orange flavored cluster

2.) Peanut butter with kliga flavor

If you are looking for healthy low calorie peanut butter, Guilt Free offers peanut butter with kliga flavor which is very healthy and delicious.

With only 91 calories, it is one of the best peanut butter if you are looking for healthy peanut butter that will provide you with energy and a flavor.  It also uses stevia which is a natural sweetener that is beneficial and won’t cause high sparks in your blood levels.  

Containing fiber and protein, the peanut butter with kliga contains minerals and nutrients that will help your body stay healthy.

     Peanut butter with kliga flavor

3.) Peanut butter with raspberry

If you love raspberry or peanut butter then you will definitely love the combination of peanut butter and raspberry where you can eat it in the morning as part of your breakfast or snack throughout the day.

Made following vegan diet guidelines, it is low in calories with only 91 calories using stevia natural sweetener instead of sugar which makes it a healthy alternative that won’t harm your body.

    Peanut butter with raspberry

4.) Plain peanut butter

Enjoy our plain peanut butter with your family and friends through our plain peanut butter that is suitable for those who follow a vegan diet. It is made of 100% natural ingredients that will benefit your body with nutrients and minerals.

Made through guidelines and standards from nutrition experts, it is suitable for a vegan diet and will help you in your journey to lose or maintain weight.

Plain peanut butter

In conclusion, a vegan diet is a type of diet that is based on plant based foods that has many different benefits which makes it a great diet for many to follow based on their preferences.  

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