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How following a keto lifestyle can affect your body and brain


A keto lifestyle follows the guidelines of a keto diet so that you can benefit the most from the effects of this kind of lifestyle. A keto diet includes certain foods that you need to eat if you are committed to this kind of lifestyle.

This article is going to go through defining a keto lifestyle, the benefits of following this kind of lifestyle, and how Guilt Free can help provide delicious keto desserts.

What is the keto lifestyle?

In order to follow a keto lifestyle, you will need to know the standards and guidelines of the keto diet , so that you can eat foods that suit this lifestyle. A keto diet is a type of diet that is low carb, high in fat, and has a moderate protein intake.

Because of the nature of the keto diet, your body burns fats as the main source of energy instead of glucose. Carbohydrates are the main source of glucose if you are eating a high carb diet where these carbs are then broken down into glucose.

Following a keto lifestyle and diet changes this way of eating habit where cutting out almost all carbohydrates stops filling your body with glucose.

So, what exactly happens when you are following a keto diet? Following a keto lifestyle increases your intake of healthy fat intake.

Through this process, your body starts to break down fat into ketones. Ketones are compounds that produce energy without affecting your body badly. 

How the keto diet works

The only way that a keto diet works is through lowering your carbohydrates intake so that your body produces a significant amount of ketones.

Also through this process, glucose is depleted from your muscles and liver. Because this glucose is depleted, your body will start to burn fat to be used as energy by the body. 

Benefits of following a keto lifestyle on the body

1.) Losing weight

When you follow a keto lifestyle, you will lose weight and reach healthy body weight. A great tip that can help you with losing weight is to stick to a keto diet plan that you can stick with on the long term.

One of the main advantages of following a keto diet is that it is packed with nutrients, minerals, and healthy fats while making it easier to lose weight slowly and in a healthy way.

Keto dieters also enjoy eating many different kinds of foods that are still suitable for a keto diet; so, they don’t feel deprived and crave certain foods.

2.) Boosting energy level

Many who follow a keto lifestyle report that they have a boost in energy and focus. However, when starting a keto diet, you will need to transition slowly because transitioning too fast will result in symptoms such as having headaches, fatigue, and irritability.

Therefore, the most suitable way that won’t cause these effects on your body is to transition slowly.  Once your body has adjusted to the keto lifestyle, you will feel energized and have so much focus. 

3.) Curbing hunger 

Generally when following certain diets, people feel hungry excessively.  Because in most cases, people are focusing on eating vegetables and fruits instead of fats and proteins. As a result, they feel very hungry.

Unlike these kinds of diets, the keto diet can leave you feeling full whenever you feel hungry where you can eat certain foods that won’t leave you feeling hungry.

Benefits of following a keto lifestyle on the brain

1.) Enhancing memory and mental clarity

When following a keto lifestyle, your brain will benefit greatly from this kind of special diet. A keto diet will help improve memory and mental clarity in older adults such as reducing symptoms such as migraines and symptoms from Parkinson’s disease.  

2.) Balancing blood sugar level

People who have congenital hyperinsulinism, a condition that low blood sugar levels, can benefit from following a keto lifestyle. Therefore, a keto diet can treat this condition as well as  balance blood sugar levels so that it doesn’t cause brain damage in the long run.

3.) Treating epilepsy

Following a keto diet has been found to treat epilepsy where there have been studies that prove that a keto diet can lower the chances of having more episodes of seizures in children and adults. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that certain medications that treat epilepsy should be stopped.

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Guilt Free store

Guilt Free store is an online store that specializes in creating desserts that are suitable for keto, vegan, and gluten free diets. Our store is unique in that it provides a variety of desserts that suit different tastes and preferences. 

Made from 100% natural ingredients, you can enjoy eating these desserts without feeling guilty that you sabotage your dieting efforts.

We follow guidelines and standards set by nutrition experts so that these healthy desserts can provide rich nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that your body needs without compromising your dieting such as following a keto lifestyle.

Here are some of our delicious keto desserts:

1.) Mini lemon cake

The mini lemon cake is suitable for the keto diet where it offers vitamins and minerals found in lemon. This sweet dessert contains protein and healthy fats that can support your dieting efforts when following a keto diet.

With only 2.8 gram of carbohydrates, you won’t be eating many carbohydrates, making the keto diet effective in helping you lose weight, feeling energetic, and improving brain function.

It is made from 100% natural ingredients such as almond flour, eggs, butter, stevia, vanilla, and lemon. All of which are suitable when being on a keto diet. 

keto lifestyle

Mini lemon cake

2.) Carrot cake

The carrot cake is full of flavors and tastes delicious; you won’t be able to resist this healthy dessert that is made from 100% natural ingredients. It is suitable for those who are following a keto diet.

Made from healthy ingredients such as carrots, it contains many nutrients and minerals that will make you feel full easily while enjoying this sweet dessert taste.

You won’t feel deprived from eating something sweet but healthy.

keto lifestyle

Carrot cake

In conclusion, Following a keto lifestyle needs time so that you can transition from your normal eating habits to being on a keto diet. You will also need to know about the types of foods that can help you maintain your keto dieting efforts. 



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