Pecans and chocolate - 500 gm

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Nutrition facts in Pecan and Chocolate:

serving sizeone 
calories69 Kcal
fats5 g
carbs5 g
sugar4 g
fibers1 g
proteins 1 g
Pecan and chocolate ingredients

A healthy dessert that consists of many healthy ingredients: pecans, sugar, egg whites, and dates.

All these ingredients interfere with each other and with the dark chocolate, which gives Pecan nuts a different taste and delicious taste.


500 grams

Reviews 2

2 reviews for Pecans and chocolate – 500 gm


لذييذ جدا وحده ورى الثانيه. حطيته لضيوف وتفاجؤو لما قلت انه صحي وبدون سكر مكرر من لذاذته

عبير (verified owner)

لذيذ! ما توقعت يكون محشي تمر، فكرتها قطعة بيكان وحدة مغمسة بشوكولاة وتمر.
المنتج عبارة عن حبتين بيكان وبينهم حشوة تمر مغمسين بالشوكولاة.
ياليت لو تم التوضيح أيضا ايش نوع السكر، هل هو سكر قصب غير مكرر؟
لكن بالتأكيد بطلبه مرة ثانية لما يكون فيه خصم👍

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Additional information


Pecans and chocolate – 500 gm 

Tasty and delicious snacks complete your day and give you the energy you need to perform your daily tasks. With the Pecans and Chocolate- 500 gm, Guilt Free guarantees you quality as well as tasty chocolate with pecans flavor that will make you full of energy when you are dieting.

It is , in fact, one of the healthy sweets that you can indulge in without fearing the number of calories. It has the perfect taste and crunchiness of the pecans with mouthwatering chocolate that cover the pecan piece in a delicious way making it the one of the best healthy sweet snacks and healthy sweets that chocolate lovers can’t resist.

Who is Pecans and Chocolate – 500 gm suitable for?

This type of low calorie desserts are suitable for those who are looking for low calories, fats, carbs, and sugar. It also has an adequate amount of protein and fibers making it a really great dessert to eat.