Mini Brownies Box ( 12 pieces)

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Nutritional facts for one Mini Healthy Protein Brownies:

serving sizeone piece
calories86 Kcal
total fats3 g
fats trans0 g
carbs6 g
sugar1 g
fibers5 g
protein12 g
Ingredients for Mini Healthy Protein Brownies:
 are all natural ingredients, so they fit all your diets.
 ingredients :
almond flour, unsweetened cocoa powder, whey protein (whey), eggs, dark chocolate, stevia, vanilla, baking powder, baking soda

4 cm * 8 cm

12 pieces



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Additional information


Mini Brownies

These Mini Brownies are considered low-carb keto brownies that will make you feel light and fit. It is through eating a piece of these Mini Brownies that you can stay fit and have a balanced weight.

These keto desserts will make you feel full and help you maintain your diet. Therefore, it becomes easier to follow your diet without feeling hungry for keto diet sweets. Because it is made from natural ingredients, it is low on calories and gives you the energy that you need without compromising your diet. Therefore, it is healthy and will satisfy your cravings while dieting. You won’t feel missing out on the desserts that you want to eat at all because Guilt Free got you covered.

Who are the Mini brownies suitable for?

These Mini Brownies are suitable for those who are following a keto or gluten free diet. It is ,in fact, sugar free where the natural sweetener, stevia, is used to replace sugar.