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Nutrition facts for half a piece of mini Cinnamon cake
piecesone piece
calories 76 Kcal
Total fats7 g
Fats trans 0 g
Total carbs1.3 g
Sugar0.4 g
Fibers0.4 g
proteins2 g

Nutritional Facts for One Healthy Protein Brownies:

serving size 20 g
calories86 Kcal
Total fats3 g
Total carbs 6 g
Sugar 1 g
Fibers5 g
proteins12 g
Ingredients for Healthy Protein Brownies.

The Healthy Protein Brownies ingredients are all natural ingredients to fit all your diet.

 ingredients are:

almond flour, unsweetened cocoa powder, whey protein (whey), eggs, dark chocolate, stevia, vanilla, baking powder, baking soda.

Nutritional Facts for One Healthy Brownies:

serving sizeone piece 
calories86 Kcal
total fats3 g
fats trans 0 g
carbs6 g
sugar1 g
fibers5 g
proteins12 g

Nutritional facts for 1 piece: Mini Lemon Cake

serving sizepiece 
calories114 Kcal
fats10 g
carbs2.8 g
sugar0.4 g
fibers1.2 g
proteins3.2 g
Mini Lemon Cake Ingredients

Mini Lemon cake consists of ingredients that are all simple, uncomplicated, and give you the end result that satisfies you and satisfies your sense of taste.


almond flour, eggs, butter, stevia, vanilla, lemon, cream cheese, baking soda.





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