Lemon and Berries Cheesecake

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Nutritional Facts per 30 g of Lemon-Berry Cheesecake:

serving size30 g
calories84 Kcal
total fats7 g
fats trans0 g
carbs2.3 g
sugar0.8 g
fibers0.6 g
protein3 g
 Ingredients of Lemon and Berry Cheesecake:
A mixture of almond flour with eggs and butter added to it, and for a healthy sweetness we put some touches of stevia with vanilla, cream cheese, and baking soda. With lemon and berries, which represent the different and delicious taste in a low cal cheesecake.
Full Cake:
Diameter: 18 cm


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Additional information



If you are looking for a delicious cheesecake that will match your diet containing many of the nutrients that your body needs, Guilt-Free presents to you the Lemon and Berries Cheesecake, one of our many healthy desserts, that is the right choice especially for cheesecake lovers.
It is a combination of the sweetness of berries with the freshness of lemon put together in a tasty cake along with being one of the many types of low-calorie desserts that we offer.
It is made while keeping your diet in consideration where It gives you the nutrition benefits found in its ingredients as well as being low in calories which won’t compromise your dieting lifestyle.

Who is the Lemon and Berries Cheesecake suitable for?

The Lemon and Berries Cheesecake is one of the many healthy sweet snacks that you can eat as a snack too and would benefit from the nutrients that it contains. Because it’s low in calories, carbs, and sugar, It is very suitable for people who are following a keto diet.