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The best keto diet desserts store in Riyadh

If you are someone who follows a keto diet, then you definitely find it hard to find the keto diet desserts that are ready. You may also feel bored that there aren’t many varieties of keto desserts available.

For this very reason, we are going to tell you about the best keto diet desserts store in Riyadh and a variety of options for different types of keto sweets.

Keto diet desserts

We are well aware that when following a diet especially a keto diet. Many have cravings and wishes to eat desserts. Some of these wishes for people who are following a diet are:

  • To be able to eat their favorite sweets without gaining more weight. This is especially true for those who are following a keto diet and are looking for keto diet desserts.
  • To eat desserts that will help in gaining weight without sabotaging the diet especially if it tastes delicious.
  • To find their most favorite and sweetest desserts that they love prepared using healthy alternatives such as natural ingredients especially if it is made by nutrition experts for credibility.

Benefits of eating keto diet desserts 

By accomplishing those wishes for those who are on a diet ,such as keto diet, focusing on losing weight, getting fit, and getting the ideal weight, there will be satisfactory results that will help them in accomplishing their goals such as:

  • Improving their mood and making them happier
  • Helping them with staying committed and determined toward their diet 
  • Eating desserts without feeling guilty
  • Understanding and knowing the calories to calculate them throughout the day

Because of these great results that will happen when you eat healthy desserts especially keto desserts, we have great news for you where we will guide you through the dream store that will make all your wishes true, Guilt Free.

Keto diet desserts store 

The main reason that Guilt Free is called the dream store is because it helps all who are following a diet to have their dreams come true such as eating healthy keto diet desserts for those who are on a keto diet.

Guilt Free is also considered one of the best keto diet desserts store in Riyadh because it offers all the different varieties of healthy desserts that you wish to eat in different timings and occasions. 

This amazing store offers healthy sweets and desserts that are suitable for those who are on a keto, gluten free, low carb, and vegan diet.

Varieties of keto diet desserts

There are many different varieties of keto diet desserts at Guilt Free, suiting many preferences and timings. We also offer everyone’s favorite desserts prepared keeping it healthy by nutrition experts. Some of our healthy keto desserts are:

1.) Cheesecake with Berries

Who doesn’t love the taste of cheesecake with berries with its delicious cream cheese and fresh berries flavor? Many actually do but are afraid from eating it because it contains high calories , sugar, and fats.

We changed all of that dilemma by making the cheesecake with berries. So, what do you think about giving the cheesecake with berries a try which is considered one of the tasty keto diet desserts that will improve your mood.

The cheesecake with berries:

  • Has low calories where only a piece of this delicious cake contains 84 calories only
  • Is sugar free
  • Prepared using 100% healthy keto and natural alternatives
  • Can be ordered with your family and friends enjoying the delicious taste of 16 pieces

healthy diet desserts 

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2.) Tiramisu

If you are a tiramisu dessert lover who enjoys the taste of coffee, It may be hard to find it prepared in a healthy way that is suitable for your diet especially the keto diet. 

Guilt Free is offering and saving you time by presenting you with healthy keto diet desserts such as the tasty tiramisu.

You can now enjoy eating this healthy sweet without feeling guilty or afraid of high calories. Also you wouldn’t have the chance to sabotage your diet due to the unhealthy ingredients that were used in desserts that are not suitable for keto.

The reasons are that it is:

  • Low in calories where one piece of Tiramisu dessert contains only 84 calories
  • Is sugar free
  • Prepared using healthy and natural keto alternatives
  • Suitable also for those who are on a gluten free diet

حلى كيتوني


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2.) Protein brownies

If you love to eat brownies and like to play sports, Guilt free presents to you protein brownies, one of the flavorful keto diet desserts, which are healthy brownies prepared with ingredients and alternatives that won’t sabotage your diet.

Protein brownies are suitable for those who are following a keto diet where the ingredients are 100% natural and keto friendly.

You can eat it without fear of sabotaging your keto diet because it contains really low calories.; a piece of protein brownies contains only 50 calories, is sugar free, and has a moderate amount of protein.

keto diet desserts

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4.) Four seasons

Having a good time with your friends isn’t complete with keto diet desserts. And because, here at Guilt Free, we know that you get confused when different options and preferences, we offer you the four seasons dessert which is made up from 4 different healthy sweets to suit different preferences.

Four seasons from Guilt Free is one of the varieties of keto desserts that many love because it suits different preferences. It is made up of: mini brownies with peanut butter,  mini brownies without peanut butter, mini lemon keto cake, and mini cinnabon cake.

The four seasons dessert from Guilt Free has really low calories for each piece :


  • Mini cinnabon cake: only 76 calories.
  • Mini brownies: 50 calories
  • Mini lemon keto cake: 114 calories
  • Mini brownies with peanut butter: 86 calories.

keto diet desserts

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Why is Guilt Free considered the best store?

  • Guilt Free is one of the most specialized stores in preparing all types of desserts in a safe and healthy way that is suitable for different diets. These diets include keto, gluten free, vegan, and low carb diets.
  • All types of these healthy desserts are low in calories and sugar free.
  • All varieties of these healthy sweets are delicious and healthy at the same time
  • Easy to order where you can easily place an order from a variety of types of healthy desserts on our website. You can place the order with any amount that you want.
  • We are good at helping you enjoy desserts throughout your diet where we use healthy alternatives and ingredients that won’t sabotage your dieting efforts . We make sure to maintain high quality as well as delicious taste.

In conclusion, we hope that you get to experience our best keto diet desserts and enjoy eating them while maintaining your diet.

Order now any type of  healthy keto dessert from our collection of healthy desserts on Guilt Free. Don’t forget to leave us a comment about your experience with our delicious keto diet desserts. 


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