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Top tips for losing weight on a vegan diet


Have you ever wanted to lose weight while following a vegan diet? Well, we know that losing weight is a process where you need to take certain actions such as limiting your calorie intake and eating healthy while following a vegan diet.

This article is going to be about the top tips for losing weight while being on a vegan diet and how Guilt Free can help you lose weight through its sweet vegan desserts that are deliciously made while taking into consideration the vegan diet standards.

Top 4 tips for losing weight on a vegan diet

1.) Choose low calorie vegan foods that are high in nutrients

For effective weight loss, you will need to aim to eat vegan food that is low in calories but high in nutrients. This way you will feel energized throughout the day and won’t feel the need to count your calories.

Vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes contain low calories and high nutrients. So, it’s best to eat those types of vegan food throughout your diet.

2.)  Focus on fiber

Eating fiber has been shown to curb your hunger because this type of nutrient is hard to digest. Some of the foods that contain fiber are leafy greens, fruit, and legumes. 

So, when you are hungry, eating fiber will definitely help you by making you stay full for longer times which aids in the process of losing aid because you won’t be tempted to eat more food.

Fiber is also suitable for those who follow a vegan diet.

3.) Limit processed vegan foods

There are many brands that make vegan food that are processed and don’t contain natural ingredients. Eating processed vegan foods can actually backfire on your health where these types of foods’ ingredients can make you gain weight.

So, the best solution is to focus on natural vegan food such as fruits and vegetables or foods that are made with natural ingredients like Guilt Free’s desserts.

4.) Prepare meals for the week

When you prepare your meals for the week, you know what you will eat and have a solid plan for the meals so that you stay on track in your vegan diet.

It will actually help you in losing weight because you know what you are eating and plan your diet meals for each week.

Guilt Free store

Guilt Free is a premium dessert store that offers different kinds of sweet desserts suitable for keto, vegan, and gluten free diets.

Because we know that many crave desserts but don’t want to ruin their diets, we make desserts that are healthy and follow top standards of these diets without ruining them.  

So, your cravings won’t pose an issue with Guilt Free premium desserts where we know the value of following a dieting lifestyle and follow high standards when creating these delicious desserts.

Guilt Free makes desserts without compromising taste as well because eating desserts should be a delicious experience for everyone.

Guided by our nutrition experts, our desserts are low in calories, contain high nutritional value, and made from 100% natural ingredients reflecting on your health and satisfying your cravings for sweet desserts without compromising your diet  

Guilt Free store always guarantees top quality and ensures that our desserts are made from healthy ingredients helping you reach your diet goals easily. We offer our desserts to anyone who is looking for top quality healthy and light desserts that will suit their diet as well as give you energy.

Guilt Free vegan desserts

We understand that a vegan diet follows certain guidelines and standards. To know more about these guidelines and standards,  you can have a look about what a vegan diet is through our vegan diet guide which will go into more details about this diet.

As for Guilt Free vegan desserts, we present to you deliciously made low calorie desserts that follow the standards of a vegan diet making your dieting lifestyle achievable.

1.) Cluster mix

Do you love cluster and can’t find a suitable healthy alternative? Guilt Free can help you through it’s very own cluster mix desserts that are made from 100% natural healthy and delicious desserts suitable for those who follow a vegan diet.

With only 30 calories per piece, the cluster mix is low in calories making it the right choice for anyone looking for a light sweet dessert. The cluster mix is also rich in fibers and protein providing highly beneficial nutrients and minerals for your health. 

Guilt Free knows that there are different preferences and tastes, so our clusters mix desserts come in different flavors which are salted caramel , plain with golden leaf, and orange flavor to suit these preferences.

 Cluster mix

2.) Macaroon dessert 

With its delicious coconut dessert on the outside dipped in chocolate while maintaining the desserts softness, the macaroon dessert is delicious and full of flavors that will satisfy your cravings when you want to eat a healthy dessert that matches the standards of a vegan diet.

The macaroon dessert contains 30 gm calories per piece which makes it a very light dessert that can help you with losing weight and staying fit. 

Being low in sugar, this sweet dessert won’t cause a spike in your blood sugar levels and is a healthy alternative to high calorie desserts. It also contains nutrients and minerals that can help maintain your health.

          Macaroon dessert 

3.) Golden cluster

Ever wanted to share a deliciously sweet dessert with your family and friends while drinking your favorite hot drink and enjoying the taste without compromising your diet. This 30 pieces dessert is really suitable for family or friends gathering where everyone can enjoy the delicious taste of the golden cluster dessert.

Guilt Free offers you the golden cluster, one of our many vegan desserts, which is light in its calories with only 30 calories per piece where you won’t have to worry about it sabotaging your diet.

Made from 100% ingredients, it is one of the top quality desserts that can help you maintain your blood sugar levels due to containing low amounts of sugar.

Golden cluster

4.) Cluster salted caramel desserts

We can help you lose weight through our tasty cluster salted caramel desserts which are made using top quality natural ingredients that are highly beneficial for you.

Containing nutrients and minerals in the form of protein and fibers, our sweet desserts are also low in calories having only 30 calories per piece aiding you in losing weight. It is suitable for the vegan diet because of being low in calories as well as following the standards of the vegan diet.  

Cluster salted caramel desserts

In conclusion, We hope that our tips helped you in your vegan diet lifestyle and losing

 weight. Losing weight while following a vegan diet doesn’t mean that you need to stop eating desserts; you will just need to focus on eating desserts that are made from natural ingredients suiting a vegan diet.

We pride ourselves as a dessert store that offers you delicious vegan desserts for those who crave desserts that follow vegan diet standards. 



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