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Homemade healthy desserts that are easy

If you are following a certain diet and want to know about the different varieties of homemade healthy desserts that are suitable for your diet, Guilt Free will help you with its different varieties of healthy desserts that have the delicious taste of homemade desserts.

By choosing Guilt Free for your desserts, you save time and effort of preparation. We will guide you through some of our tasteful varieties of healthy desserts that are low in calories.

Homemade healthy desserts 

There is nothing more beautiful than the smell of homemade healthy desserts that would definitely make us feel happy because it is made with love and care. Our happiness is doubled when we get to know these desserts are healthy that help in maintaining your weight and help in losing weight.

Preparing homemade healthy desserts helps in strengthening the health of both grown ups and children with healthy sweets for children. 

You can actually make these desserts using healthy alternatives that are natural providing healthy nutrients such as vitamins and minerals maintaining the body’s health.

These desserts can also help in losing weight and to get to the ideal weight for a fit body. You can do so through controlling the number of calories , sugar amount, and replacing white sugar with healthy natural sweeteners such as stevia.

Varieties of homemade healthy desserts

You can always show your cooking skills when preparing healthy desserts where you can choose different fillings, ingredients, and ways to decorate the desserts based on your preference.

Many rely on making their own desserts for the best taste and to control their calorie intake. The reason is that they would search for a dessert store that makes these healthy desserts but couldn’t find one that best fit their needs and wants, suitable for their diet and low in calories.

The good news is that Guilt Free, the best store in Saudi Arabia, provides all different kinds of desserts prepared and made in a healthy way by nutrition experts . You can definitely enjoy the homemade taste of these desserts from Guilt Free, suitable for many diets such as keto, vegan, and gluten free diets.

Because it’s our top priority to provide healthy sweets that are tasty as homemade desserts and are light, we offer you many delicious healthy diet desserts that are low in calories, suitable for your diet, and made with top care and love.

1.) Cheesecake with berries

If you are a cheesecake lover with berries and it takes time when preparing it, we are here to save you time by offering you this sweet cheesecake with berries suitable for different diets due to having low calories and being sugar free.

You can actually eat it comfortably without any chance of sabotaging your diet such as the keto or gluten free diet and lower the chances of gaining weight.

Cheesecake with berries is one of the desserts that are suitable for everyone helping you with losing weight if eaten in moderation.

One piece of cheesecake with berries from Guilt Free contains only 84 calories.

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2.) Carrot cake

Carrot cake is one of the healthiest desserts that everyone likes to eat, especially adults and children. 

Some mothers use smart tricks without their children knowing so they can eat healthy. Some of those healthy desserts that children can eat is the carrot cake; it can be prepared at home or ordered from a store that specializes in healthy types of desserts.

The popular carrot cake from Guilt Free has many benefits such as being one of the healthiest desserts suitable for different diets such as keto and gluten free diet.

It is made from healthy alternatives such as almond flour and stevia. It is full of protein and fibers that are good for maintaining the body’s health.

One piece of carrot cake contains only 154 calories; it is also free of sugar and taste sweet. You won’t be able to resist eating it while drinking your cup of your favorite hot drink.

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3.) Lemon cake 

One of the most delicious cakes to make at home is the lemon cake. But you have another option which is to taste this flavorful cake which is made using healthy alternatives, sugar free, low calorie value while being sugar free.

The preparation of this type of healthy dessert is guided by nutrition experts that makes it really tasty and hard to resist.

We recommend that you immerse in this new experience of tasting the fresh lemon cake, from Guilt Free, along with your favorite cold drink in this hot weather.

With its rich cream that has a lemon flavor, it definitely follows healthy standards where it is made from healthy alternatives such as almond flour and stevia that are low in calories and sugar free prepared by nutrition experts from Guilt Free.

If you try it out, you will definitely enjoy this sweet dessert and won’t be able to resist it. One piece of this lemon cake contains only 114 calories.

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If you love to eat different varieties of homemade healthy desserts , we can recommend to you some healthy desserts that are low in calories and suitable for different tastes:

Homemade healthy desserts with oats

Oats are one of the most healthy foods that are recommended to eat whether you are following a diet to lose weight or following a healthy lifestyle for a healthy body weight.

Oats are special because of their healthy taste so it has also been used in making healthy desserts with oats such as:

Cookies with oats and bananas

One of the easiest recipes is the cookies with oats and banana. This healthy dessert has low calories and is full with healthy nutrients that are beneficial and taste good.

Here is the way to prepare the cookies with oats and bananas:

  • Mash two bananas, add the oats and mix well
  • Add small pieces of dark chocolate
  • Add pieces of dried fruit to this mixture to enhance the nutritional value of the cookies.
  • Shape the dough into cookies and put them in the oven for 20 minutes and let them become baked
  • Leave them to cool, you can eat them with your favorite drink in the morning or as a healthy snack.

In the end, you can eat all the healthy sweets you like in a moderate manner and in appropriate quantities to reach happiness and improve the general mood, but make sure that they are made in a healthy way and with healthy alternatives. Also, you got to be careful to calculate the calories for everything you eat in your day and to be among your calories intake. The ingredients from which sweets are made are suitable for your diet and do not cause any exclusion from the diet or cause any disease.




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