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Nutritional facts for a crunchy chocolate 

serving size40 g 
calories36 Kcal
Total fats2.1 g
fats  1.2g
Total carbs3.9 g
sugar2 g
Fibers5 g
protein 5 g

Nutritional Facts for one piece of Salted Caramel Cluster

serving sizeone piece
calories30 Kcal
protein1 g
carbs1.2 g
Sugar0.2 g
Fibers0.7 g
Fats2.3 g

Nutritional facts for Pecan and Chocolate :

serving sizeone piece
calories69 Kcal
fats5 g
carbs5 g
sugar4 g
proteins1 g

coffee box size:
125 grams of pecans
15 pcs cluster
15 pieces of caramel crepe dulce

Caramel Crepe Dulce Ingredients:
75% dark chocolate – lace crepe – caramel

salted caramel cluster  ingredients:
Almond and chocolate

Pecan and chocolate ingredients

A healthy dessert that consists of many healthy ingredients: pecans, sugar, egg whites, and dates. All these ingredients interfere with each other and with the dark chocolate, which gives Pecan nuts a different taste and delicious taste.



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