Cinnamon cake

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Nutritional facts for one piece of Cinnamon Cake

serving size30 g
calories72 Kcal
Total fats6.4 g
fats trans0 g
carbs1.4 g
sugar0.8 g
Fibers0.5 g
protein2.3 g
Cinnamon cake ingredients

Natural ingredients, delicious and healthy energy!


Almond flour, eggs, butter, stevia, vanilla, cream cheese, cinnamon, walnuts, baking soda


Full Cake: 19 cm* 8cm

Reviews 3

3 reviews for Cinnamon cake


لذيذه وحنونه .. دائما اطلب
واذا احترت يكون هذا الموقع خياري الاول
يعطيك العافيه


لذيذ انصح فيه وبطلبه ثانية،،

عبير (verified owner)

الكيكة مرتبة، تتقطع 11 شريحة تقريبا.
كخيار صحي طعمها لا بأس به. مو متعودة على دقيق اللوز فطعمها شوي غريب بالنسبة لي.
عيبها انها مفرفطة لما تقطعت والقطع ما تماسكت، لازم لها صحن.

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Additional information



You can enjoy your breakfast with the Cinnabon Cake in the morning. It is considered one of our many low carb desserts that you can eat with your morning coffee.

Guilt free guarantees you the delicious taste of a cinnabon cake without compromising taste or quality.
It is one of the best keto diet desserts that will give you energy and help you stay in shape. Because it is made from natural ingredients, it is low on calories and gives you the energy that you need without compromising your diet.  Therefore, it is healthy and will satisfy your cravings while dieting.

Who is the Cinnabon Cake suitable for?

The Cinnabon Cake is suitable for those who follow a keto and gluten free diet making it easier for them to enjoy their diet as well as eat what they crave. It is considered one of the easy keto desserts that is a mix of tempting and low caloric value keto diet desserts.