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Top 5 vegan desserts that are delicious


Many people search for desserts that follow the criteria of a vegan diet as well as taste really delicious. Because when anyone is following a diet, naturally, they will crave eating something sweet from time to time. 

Vegan desserts are the type of desserts that are suitable for those who are following a vegan diet. This is mainly because of the ingredients that these desserts are made from which are natural ingredients that are low in calories and have many health benefits such as providing your body with nutrients and minerals to aid in maintaining your health.

This article is going to go in depth about the criteria that make a dessert vegan friendly, benefits of vegan desserts, and the top 5 desserts from Guilt Free.

Criteria for a dessert to be considered vegan

The main criteria for a dessert to be considered vegan is that it needs to contain any ingredients that are of animal origin. For example, there are some desserts that contain certain additives such as cysteine which is made from poultry feathers. 

Another standard set for a dessert to be considered vegan is that it must not use any products made from animals such as milk, butter, eggs, and many other products.  

The reason is that many people who follow a vegan diet believe in the health benefits of a vegan diet which is to maintain their health and provide them with a high nutritional value.

Benefits of vegan desserts

Many of those who are following a vegan diet crave desserts that would satisfy their sweet tooth and give them energy. Vegan desserts are the best choice for those who want to eat something that is sweet and doesn’t sabotage their vegan diet.

Many vegan desserts are made from natural ingredients such as fruits and nuts which are good for your health where these ingredients reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, chronic pain, and diabetes as well as smooth your skin.

Another major benefit of vegan desserts is found in the way that these desserts are made which improves your immune system and increases your energy levels naturally. 

Other benefits of vegan desserts are:

1.) Full of nutrients

Vegan desserts are full of nutrients than normal made desserts and much lower in calories. They don’t contain any processed ingredients such as refined sugar which means that you aren’t eating any more calories without providing a nutrition value. 

Instead vegan desserts contain natural ingredients such as nuts, fruits, and seeds where you can enjoy these desserts without feeling any guilt and won’t gain weight.

2.) Contain unsaturated fats

There are some desserts that are made from unsaturated fats such as nuts and seeds which offer many benefits for your body. Some of these benefits include lowering blood pressure and cholesterol which means that your body is at a lower risk of developing high blood pressure and cholesterol that would affect your body badly. 

3.) Packed with fiber

The natural ingredients of vegan desserts such as fruits and nuts contain fiber which helps you stay fuller for a longer period of time making you less likely to eat more which balances your body weight ; you won’t feel hungry for a while. Instead, it will take more time until you feel hungry again.

Vegan desserts have been shown to also to elevate people’s mood over time because they are made from natural ingredients that contain nutrients that improve brain health and mentality.

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Top 5 vegan desserts from Guilt Free

1.) Macaroon Dessert

Macaroon dessert


The macaroon dessert is one of the top vegan desserts that you can eat along with your family and friends to encourage each other when following a vegan diet. 

It is made from fruits such as coconut and a special diet chocolate while using a natural sweetener that won’t cause you weight gain and won’t sabotage your vegan diet.

The macaroon dessert contains a really low amount of calories with only 30 gram and 2.3 gram of fat making it suitable for your vegan diet.

It also contains  fiber along with using natural sugar which won’t sabotage your vegan diet and will offer you many benefits to your body.

2.) Plain Peanut Butter

Plain peanut butter

Are you looking for a peanut butter alternative that is suitable for your vegan diet? Guilt Free presents to you this special plain peanut butter that is very delicious and provides you with energy.

We make sure that every ingredient in the plain peanut butter is natural so we use stevia, a natural sweetener that will maintain your blood sugar levels. With only 91 calories per tablespoon, it won’t make you gain weight but it’s important to eat it in moderation.

Packed with fiber, protein, and fat, it won’t make you feel hungry very easily and will maintain your blood sugar levels.

3.) Cluster Salted Caramel desserts


Cluster salted caramel desserts

If you love sweet and sour desserts, Guilt Free offers the cluster salted caramel desserts which are delicious and made with a set of different flavors: salted caramel / plain with gold leaf / orange flavor . It contains a low amount of sugar and is the perfect fit for those searching for desserts suitable for a vegan diet

With only 30 calories, it won’t sabotage your dieting efforts at all and can be shared with your friends and family. 

4.) Orange Flavored Cluster

Orange flavored cluster

The orange flavored cluster has a tasty flavor where it is made from 100% natural ingredients suitable for a vegan diet. It comes with 30 pieces where you can enjoy eating these desserts with your family and friends.

It contains only 30 calories which makes it a great alternative to normal high calorie desserts that aren’t vegan in their nature. 

It also contains fiber, fats, and a low amount of sugar making it a great option for those following a vegan diet.

5.) Peanut butter with raspberry

Peanut butter with raspberry

The peanut butter with raspberry is one of the top natural peanut butter in the Guilt Free store. One of its main ingredients is raspberry which is a fruit with many benefits where it offers nutrients and minerals that will maintain your body’s health.

Through the use of stevia, a natural sweetener, this special peanut butter doesn’t cause spikes in blood sugar levels.

Per one tablespoon, it contains only 91 calories which makes it a healthy alternative to the normal peanut butter and will elevate your mood and energy levels.

It can be used as a vegan dessert snack or a vegan dessert when you crave something sweet to eat.

In conclusion, vegan desserts are best suitable for those who want to maintain their diet as well as eat sweet desserts that won’t sabotage their vegan diet. There are many benefits that vegan desserts offer such as they are packed with nutrients, fiber, and healthy fats that won’t make your body feel deprived from certain vitamins and minerals that your body needs.







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